Strategic Plan Survey Responses – Digging into the details

This week we’re looking into how far we’ve come with the goals set forth in the 1999 strategic plan. In the on-line survey, respondents are asked to assess whether or not we’ve met the eight original goals. We’re asking this both to determine the impact of the past effort but also to gauge what still needs to be addressed. Here are some of the results.

Highest level of satisfaction – 26 respondents indicated we have met or exceeded goal #2, “Create an Image/Brand for Indiana’s Health Industry”.

The highest level of dissatisfaction was with goal #3, “Couple State’s Manufacturing Base with Technological Levers (R&D, workforce, etc.). 51 respondents indicated this goal either needed more work or was not met.

Three goals tied for slightly lesser satisfaction with 50 respondents each indicating the goals needed more work or were not met. The three goals were #1 – Couple state’s higher education core competencies with health industry strengths to build a competitive health industry, #6 – Build a vibrant entrepreneurial culture, and #7 – Ensure an adequate, skilled statewide workforce for the health industry.

Each of these goals will be included in the discussions around new recommendations. Correlating with the responses in this section, we have seen new recommendations with a strong interest in increasing entrepreneurial support and an emphasis on education. If you have additional thoughts or specific recommendations, please visit the strategic plan section of the IHIF website ( to take the survey or submit comments. This plan is intended to articulate the needs of industry, so please speak up!


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