International Trade Lead – UK Company Looking for US Distribution for Waterless Bathing System

Trade Lead: SynergyHealth is looking to enter the US market through a distribution and supply chain company specialising in the healthcare sector.

About the company: We are a UK based, FTSE 250 listed Health company with a turnover of circa £300m, consisting of three main segments; Decontamination, Sterilisation and Healthcare Solutions.

We are looking to establish ourselves within the US market, in the short term focussing on a waterless bathing system as the product opportunity.

This bathing system is a product range within our Healthcare Solutions business which also incorporates the categories of wound care, infection control and prevention, surgical solutions and patient hygiene within the portfolio. We have many SKUs throughout the whole portfolio which we would also like to establish within the US .

FDA approval is currently being achieved for this waterless bathing system and a new marketing programme has just been launched, which will aid both our distributors in supporting their customers and the end user themselves.

Consisting of wipes and shower caps that can be heated or left cold , the benefits of the system include a cost effective , dignified and time efficient bathing process .

This product opportunity is well established throughout the world, particularly in the UK, Europe and the Far East where it can be found in many healthcare surroundings such as hospitals, nursing homes and home care markets.

Our long term goal is to establish our brand name in the US, building strong and profitable relationships with distributors and other healthcare institutions and providing quality clinical products and services to the market. This will lead on to further investment opportunities enabling the company to have a physical presence within the US.

We would like to hear from you, regarding the waterless bathing system, our many healthcare product ranges or any aspect of our organisation that you feel will provide an opportunity for you.

For more information, please contact Edita Sawyers, IEDC UK Office at



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