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IHIF Welcomes New Members

August 3, 2016

Quality Connection

Quality Connection is a labor management partnership comprised of 100 union electrical contractors and nearly 3,000 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) #481 electrical workers. Together labor and management provide the needed expertise, highly trained workforce, safety and dedication to help build many of Central Indiana’s premiere education, health care, utility sites and logistics projects. The unique business relationship spans more than 50 years and represents a strong tradition of quality electrical construction, progressive labor negotiations and community service. With an unprecedented commitment to workforce training, job safety and worker standards. Quality Connection . . .Quality Work, Customer Connected. Learn more at

NeRX Biosciences

One of the most effective chemotherapeutics used in the treatment of cancer continues to be the DNA damaging agent cisplatin. Pioneered by our Medical Advisor, Dr. Larry Einhorn at the Indiana University School of Medicine for the treatment of testicular cancer, cure rates now exceed 90% for this cancer. This represents one of the few shining stories since the “War on Cancer” was initiated in the early 1970’s. Unfortunately, cisplatin is considerably less effective in treating other cancers but remain first-line treatment for lung and ovarian cancer. NERx Biosciences co-founder and CSO, Dr. John Turchi has been studying the biology and biochemistry of cisplatin for 25 years and in 2005 was recruited to the Indiana University Cancer Center where advances in his laboratory have paved the way for recapitulating the successes of platinum treatment for testicular cancer in lung and ovarian cancer.

NĒRx Biosciences was established in 2009 to capitalize on these advances and discoveries to develop novel therapeutics to enable the effective treatment of highly prevalent and difficult to treat cancers including lung and ovarian. Learn more at


Azenix/Futago Corporation

 Researching and developing advanced process technology and design manufacturing plan cooperated with Futago LLC.


KinaSense is developing cell-based assays used in preclinical drug discovery to identify and characeterize new compounds for oncology. Our assays are faster, less expensive, and have more physiological relevance than traditional methods used in target validation and potency studies, allowing earlier decision making fro progressing compounds into animal studies.Learn more at


MorNuCo, Inc. is a biotech company focused on age related diseases with an emphasis on cancer detection. Learn more at

Phytoption LLC

Phytoption LLC is an innovation company developing propriatory ingredients to improve drug bioavailability, food quality, and cosmetics functionality. It offers patented technology and ingredients to pharmaceutical, food, or cosmetic industrial partners.

Safekeeping (2)

Safekeeping is a moblie application that delivers health and lifestyle information to family members of patients in care facilities.Learn more at


IHIF Welcomes Medallion Partners as New Member

April 13, 2016



The Medallion Partners team leverages market knowledge, leadership experience, and extensive global relationships to improve our client’s business results by delivering the ideas and people providing bottom-line growth. Learn more at:

IHIF Welcomes CRI Medical Devices as New Member!

March 14, 2016

CRI - Full logo

CRI is a global full service medical device manufacturer specializing in class I, II & III single-use medical devices, concept development and product life cycle management. With three decades of experience, CRI® has a dedicated staff focused on customer needs to ensure a high level of satisfaction.

Learn more at

Introducing New IHIF Member Benefit Program for Workwear and Facilities Services

February 15, 2016

BBS 2012

We are excited to announce that the Indiana Health Industry Forum (IHIF) and BIO Business Solutions are now offering our members a new benefit program through UniFirst Corporation. This program can help you save on a wide selection of uniforms, lab coats, and other clothing items for rental programs or for direct purchase. The UniFirst partnership will also extend to program offerings from UniClean, a single-source provider for all cleanroom and controlled environment garment-related needs. Similar rental programs are also in place for facility service products and microfiber cleaning supplies.

This savings program is the result of collaboration between Indiana Health Industry Forum and the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), the world’s largest biotechnology trade association.

Member companies of IHIF can realize the benefits from UniFirst’s services through this program, which include:

  •  Uniform and facility service savings of 30-50%
  •  Hygienically clean garments
  •  Dedicated customer service team
  •  3-year fixed pricing
  •  Free lab coat pressing included with rental program
  •  Free company and name emblems on initial installation
  •  No upfront program investment
  •  1 week complimentary service upon new agreement

Want to learn more?

Please click here to complete a brief survey to help assess your company’s needs and interest in UniClean/UniFirst.

For more information about the UniClean/UniFirst programs or to enroll for member savings, please visit or
Learn more about other Savings Solutions and special offers available to you exclusively through your membership in IHIF.  Click here

IHIF Welcomes Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Indiana as New Member!

February 8, 2016

Alzheimers Assoc Logo

The Alzheimer’s Association Greater Indiana Chapter provides education, care and support o 73 counties across the sate of Indiana. We raise funds and awareness about the disease for the more than 110,000 Hooisers living with Alzheimer’s disease and their 332,000 caregivers. Our local advocates work with Indiana legislators to make Alzheimer’s disease a priority in policy making. Additionally, we help nearly 300,000 people annually by offering support, information and referrals though (800.272.3900) staffed by specialists and master’s level clinicians.

Learn more at

IHIF Welcomes Johnson Co. EDC as new Member!!

January 26, 2016

jcdc logo

A non-profit public/private partnership that provides economic development services to municipalities and companies throughout Johnson County.


Learn more at

Tymora Analytical Operations LLC, a life-science firm that received federal, Purdue funding, is generating revenue

August 13, 2012

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – A Purdue-based new venture that develops nanotechnology to improve research and development in life-science companies, pharmaceutical companies and cancer research centers has succeeded in generating its first revenues from sales after only two years in business.

Tymora Analytical Operations LLC has begun selling its PolyMAC product to university professors and industry researchers. The technology, which promotes the discovery of new cancer drugs in laboratory settings, is based on research by W. Andy Tao, an associate professor in Purdue’s Department of Biochemistry. Anton Iliuk is the company’s president and chief technology officer.

Iliuk said PolyMAC helps drug developers and researchers discover new cancer drug targets and analyze the source of drug resistance after prolonged treatment.

“PolyMAC more correctly pinpoints whether a candidate for drug development is targeting the intended proteins,” he said. “Researchers can feel more confident in their results because PolyMAC is a more reliable and sensitive tool, which is a key in effective early-stage drug discovery.”

Tymora Analytical Operations has received funding from several sources to develop Tao’s research into commercialized products. These sources include the National Science Foundation, Purdue’s Emerging Innovations Fund and business plan competitions, including the Burton D. Morgan Business Plan Competition.

Elizabeth Hart-Wells, assistant vice president and director of the Purdue Office of Technology Commercialization, said Purdue’s Emerging Innovations Fund strengthens early-stage companies that license technology from the Purdue Office of Technology Commercialization or are based in the Purdue Research Park, aiming to increase their chances of successful commercialization.

Richard Cosier, the Avrum and Joyce Gray Director of the Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship, said students from Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management participated in the due diligence process to select Emerging Innovations Fund recipients.

Iliuk said the Emerging Innovations Fund is more likely than other sources to take a chance on promising technology at an earlier stage.

“The Emerging Innovations Fund funding we received has allowed us to commercialize and start marketing and make the first sales of our first product, PolyMAC, and will support our commercialization efforts for the next product release in the near future,” he said.

About Tymora Analytical Operations LLC

Tymora Analytical Operations was established in 2010 to provide new nanotechnology-based products to serve the R&D market in the life sciences. Tymora has developed a nanoscale platform technology – with PolyMAC and pIMAGO as the lead products – for unmet needs in analysis of protein phosphorylation that relates to the onset of numerous diseases, most notably cancer.

About Purdue Research Park

The Purdue Research Park, with four locations across Indiana, has the largest university-affiliated business incubation complex in the country. The park network is home to about 200 companies that employ 4,000 people and are located in West Lafayette, Indianapolis, Merrillville and New Albany.

Purdue Research Park contact:
Steve Martin, 765-588-3342,

Anton Iliuk, 765-490-6834,
Elizabeth Hart-Wells, 765-588-3473,
Richard Cosier, 765-494-4353,

IHIF Welcomes New Member – Cientive Group Corporation

September 27, 2010

IHIF is pleased to welcome our newest member, Cientive Group Corporation

Cientive Group specializes in developing computer based mathematical models of electromechanical and physiological systems. Our experience is relevant to the design, analysis, and control algorithm development for health care and medical device related systems.

Cientive Group’s core services include: Data Modeling, Simulation and Analysis, Electronic Document Management, Storage, and Retrieval, and Transcription Services.

For more information, please visit

IHIF Welcomes Brandwidth as New Member

July 28, 2010

IHIF is pleased to welcome Brandwidth as the newest member of the Indiana Health Industry Forum.

Brandwidth, is a web marketing, optimization and design company with a foundation set firmly in traditional advertising, marketing and communications disciplines. That puts them in the business optimization business.

“We’re not a web agency that does ads. We’re not an ad agency that does websites. We’re more. Of Both”.

For more information, please visit

IHIF Welcomes BSA LifeStructures as New Member

June 4, 2010

IHIF welcomes BSA LifeStructures as a returning member. BSA LifeStructures is an architecture, engineering, planning and interior design firm with a specialization in health and healing environments.

Healing environments welcome patients and surround them with elements essential to recuperation and recovery. In addition to patients, our facilities are also built for caregivers. More efficiency allows them to focus energy on the patients, translating to safer, better care and higher satisfaction and loyalty for the patients, staff and physicians.

To learn more about BSA LifeStructures, please visit their website at