October 2017 Life Sciences Lunch

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The Best Ideas Start on Napkins: 
Medical Product Development Pathways, Pitfalls and Predictions

Tuesday, October 17

There’s not much time from the AHA! moment to a pencil and scratch pad, but from there, the process of bringing a medical device to market can take a lot of twists and turns. Whether making decisions on design elements, quality systems, finding suppliers, or actually manufacturing an approved piece of medical equipment, CEOs need expert guidance and supportive teams. Please join us as we hear from a panel that includes experts in product design, development, and precision manufacturing.


Elizabeth HagermanVice President of Corporate Engagement, Rose-Hulman Ventures
Greg OttingerVice President of Business Development, GMI Corporation
Jake Flagle, President and Founder, 316 Product Development


Kristin JonesPresident/CEO, Indiana Health Industry Forum


The Indiana Health Industry Forum and Barnes & Thornburg LLP partner to present a monthly seminar series on critical issues in the life sciences. Each month, at lunch, a policymaker or a panel in the field of life science will be available to answer questions concerning the major challenges and opportunities in the industry.

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