BIO Action

IHIF members are encouraged to learn about a new effort that the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) has launched as part of its state and federal advocacy efforts – called BIO ACTION.  In 2017 the potential of biotechnology to heal, fuel, and feed the world has never been more promising – yet some policymakers are proposing ideas that could grind innovation to a halt.

That is why BIO is launching a new grassroots advocacy initiative called BIO ACTION.  This advocacy program will keep you informed of emerging policy issues and threats to biotechnology innovation.  BIO ACTION will ask for your voice when needed to encourage lawmakers to enact policies to further innovation and stop harmful policies from passing.

We know you care about the future of biotechnology from your past support of IHIF.  But now we need your help – and your voice – more than ever before.

To learn about some of the issues BIO ACTION will be actively working on, please visit the BIO ACTION advocacy portal at  Here you can also find the new BIO ACTION online tool that makes it easy for you to contact your federal, state and local public officials.  Our voices must be HEARD – lend yours to help biotechnology heal, fuel, and feed the world!

Please take a moment and help make the biotech industry’s voice heard –  join BIO ACTION!

BioAction block

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