Hospitalar 2016

Event Summary
The 22nd annual editon of HOSPITALAR takes place May 17‐20, 2016 in São Paulo,
Brazil. HOSPITALAR is an internatonal trade fair for products, equipment, services,
and technology for hospitals, health clinics, and laboratories. The show is the most
complete and specialized healthcare fair in Brazil and North America. The fair is
considered as the premier platorm for new technologies, representng a great
opportunity to learn about innovatve products and services for hospitals, health
clinics, and laboratories.
HOSPITALAR is a mult‐sector trade fair, featuring 1,250 Brazilian and internatonal
exhibitors, launching products or services and meetng potental and already
existng clients. Exclusively dedicated to healthcare professionals, HOSPITALAR 2015
received over 98,000 visitors, including 1500 foreign buyers, among doctors, nurses,
PTs, administrators, distributors and other professionals interested in the health
care area, coming from all over Brazil and Latn America.

The U.S. Commercial Service will be offering Gold Key Services (GKS) to U.S.
companies attending the show.

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