Pearl Pathways participates in program to drive second-stage growth

January 7, 2016

Contact: Diana Caldwell
Pearl Pathways
Business: (317) 899-9341
Cell: (317) 490-0511

Life sciences consulting company selected for prestigious Purdue Economic Gardening Program

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA – January 7, 2016 — Pearl Pathways, a comprehensive life science product development services company, is excited to announce its’ participation in the Purdue Economic Gardening Program.

The Economic Gardening program is managed by the Purdue Center for Regional Development with funding provided from a gift from the Lilly Endowment Inc.

Using an entrepreneurial approach to promote business growth, the Purdue Economic Gardening Program provides tailored assistance to second-stage companies. The program states that economic gardening “is about leveraging information using sophisticated business intelligence tools and databases that growth companies either aren’t aware of or cannot afford.”1 Four focus areas of the program include providing information that helps companies define core business strategies, delivering market intelligence, assisting in efforts to identify qualified leads, and contributing to the company’s leadership development. Purdue collaborates with the businesses to work through barriers and develop new methods.

Purdue and Pearl Pathways will focus on market intelligence analysis, geographical mapping, search engine optimization, and analyzing key industry trends. Diana Caldwell, CEO & President, states, “We are thrilled to have been selected for the program. This will allow us access to data and experts that can provide great insights into our business and the marketplace. The highly-skilled Economic Gardening team has been a pleasure to work with, and we are confident that the information they can provide will impact our business planning priorities and day to day efforts with our clients.”PearlPathways



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