2016 InvestMidwest Seeking Applicants

The 17th annual InvestMidwest is seeking applicants to present at the conference on March 23-24 in St. Louis. InvestMidwest continues to attract great investors to see presentations from the  best high growth companies in the Midwest—companies that have presented at InvestMidwest have raised over $1 billion in funding and through acquisitions.

There are three industry tracks:  life sciences, IT/general business and food/ag/bioenergy.  Information on the application process for your reference is posted here. To apply visit  www.investmidwestforum.com.

The InvestMidwest selection committee will consider companies that meet the following criteria:

  1. Seeking a minimum of $1M
  2. Projecting $20M in revenue within five years
  3. Located within the center corridor of the United States

The final application deadline is January 8.  Please spread the word regarding the InvestMidwest application process and encourage entrepreneurial companies seeking venture investment to apply to the program.

To provide potential applicants a perspective on the InvestMidwest program, view the video interviews from several of the 2015InvestMidwest presenters.

Questions?  Contact Christine Walsh at 314-444-1151.


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