In-Bound China Hospital Delegation Date Change – Now October 2015

IHIF/HSP China Partnership September In-Bound Delegation Visit

IHIF will be welcoming the second delegation of hospital administrators from Zhejiang Province in October.  The visit was postponed due to some travel issues. Open to IHIF Members, this is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the current state of the Chinese healthcare system and to introduce your company to the heads of six large hospitals from the province. This group is interested in learning about new medical technologies and getting a better understanding of hospital administration practices in the U.S.   IHIF Membership Applications are available at If you are interested in participating or have questions, please e-mail  Location and time/date confirmation will be announced separately.
Delegation to include:
  • Mr. Liqin Jiang ,Vice President, The Second Hospital of Jiaxing
  • Mr. Zheng’an Wang, Vice President, The First Hospital of Jiaxing
  • Mr. Shaowen Yin, President, The Second People’s Hospital of Linhai
  • Mr. Zhilong Yang,Vice President, The First People’s Hospital of Pinghu
  • Mr. Laihua Shen, Vice President, Jiaxing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Md. Weidong Weng, Director, Department of medical administration, Tongde Hospital of Zhejiang Province

Learn more about IHIF’s Partnership with the  Zhejiang Health Services Promotion Council


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