Free Military Medical Conference Webinar — Gain Insights on Defense Funding, Decision-Makers and How to Accelerate Bioscience Business Growth at the Annual MHSRS Conference in August

Free webinar August 3rd from 10:00AM—11:00AM. Details are below.

The Annual Military Medical Conference, which is called MHSRS (Military Health Services Research Symposium), is August 17-20 in Fort Lauderdale and provides a great opportunity for innovations applicable to the protection, healing, and/or rehabilitation of the American warfighter to be shared with program managers, researchers and funders. During this webinar, experts on Defense and government funding and collaborative opportunities for bioscience companies will explain what the MHSRS is, who attends, what information and contacts can be garnered from it, how the break-out sessions work, and how best to navigate and maximize time spent at the conference. They will also offer information on overall government funding opportunities, ways to collaborate with various agencies, and how to build relationships with key program managers or agencies, such as the Department of Defense, DARPA and the VA. Attendees and speakers at MHSRS include the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, Director of Defense Health Agency, Directors of Medical Commands for each of the services, Directors of Acquisitions and R&D programs, Veterans Health Administration, TRICARE, Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, and all the medical research labs in addition to numerous university researchers and bioscience business leaders.

“The Military Medical Conference Webinar educated our bioscience companies on this rare opportunity to meet key decision-makers within the Department of Defense and seek out funding and collaborative opportunities. I highly recommend it for bioscience companies.” — Stephen Rapundalo, MichBio President

“The number one challenge emerging bioscience companies face today is accessing funding, and this Military Medical Conference Webinar provides the intel on an alternate, non-dilutive financing source and how to obtain funding and collaborations with the Department of Defense. This is well worth your time.” — John Lewis, BioOhio President

Some of the R&D topics to be discussed at MHSRS 2015 include:

  • Blood/Blood Products
  • Burn & Intensive Care
  • Cognitive Performance Optimization & Cognitive Burden
  • Combat Casualty Simulation, Training & Informatics
  • Craniofacial Trauma & Face Regenerative Research
  • Enroute Care
  • Environmental/Occupational Health Hazards
  • Expeditionary & Sea Based Care
  • Extremity Trauma & Limb Regenerative Research
  • Genitourinary Injury Research
  • Global Crisis Response: From Force Health Protection to Security Cooperation
  • Hemorrhage Control & Resuscitation
  • State of the Science on Wounds/Skin/Soft Tissue Infections & Diagnostics
  • Research & Diarrheal Diseases
  • Malaria Vaccine & Drug Update
  • Update on Naturally Occurring Infectious Diseases
  • Focus on Hot Topics Identified by Global Emerging Infections Surveillance
  • Military Medical Skills Acquisition & Sustainment
  • Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention
  • Neurotrauma/Brain Injury
  • Pain Management
  • Physiological Monitoring
  • Prehospital & Tactical Combat Casualty Care
  • Prosthetics &Rehabilitation
  • Psychological Health/Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Psychological Health/Resilience
  • Sensory Issues/Vision, Hearing & Balance
  • Systems Biology for Human Performance Optimization

To register for the Free Military Medical Conference Webinar on August 3rd from 10:00–11:00AM please send your name, organization and contact information to the following and we will send you dial-in instructions:

Liz Powell

(202) 445-4242


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