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Media Contact(s): Jackie Weichman, Manager, Global Marketing



Richard Tree takes the reins as CAI Director of Maintenance and Reliability.


INDIANAPOLIS, IN – 01 October 2014 – Commissioning Agents, Inc. announces the addition of Richard Tree to our senior leadership. As Director of Maintenance and Reliability, Richard will be responsible for growing the CAI Maintenance and Reliability business area and administering global quality standards. This leadership includes developing business direction and agenda, strategic planning, tactical guidance, and management.


Robert Chew, President and CEO of Commissioning Agents, Inc. stated, “Richard has three decades of operations and maintenance experience – spanning nuclear submarines to temporary construction office modules. Richard brings both a discipline and pragmatism to how maintenance and reliability programs should be designed and implemented. He understands all aspects of maintenance as a means to an operational end – from making the business case to the deployment of a culture of performance and reliability. We look forward to furthering this dimension of our services.”


Of his new role, Richard stated, “I’m thrilled to be given the opportunity to work for such a great company where I can contribute my expertise to an already highly talented and well regarded team. There has never been a better time to help companies across all industries around the globe realize the benefits of a formal strategy for managing their assets. Firms continually find themselves in some stage of planning, acquiring, operating, maintaining, rehabilitating, replacing, and disposing of assets. The key is to do all of these activities in the most cost effective manner, without sacrificing quality, safety, and sustainability. It is this core principle that forms the substance of what our M&R teams bring to customers.”


Richard has 31 years of experience: 22 years of submarine naval nuclear power operations, and 9 years overseeing manufacturing operations in the private sector. He is a recognized for operations excellence and has held leadership roles as VP of Operations and Chief Operating Officer where he was responsible for multi-site manufacturing plants and their supply chains. He is Lean Six Sigma Certified and has authored multiple articles for industry publications. Some of Richard’s most impactful work was in the area of Enterprise Asset Management involving asset and system design, sourcing, life cycle management, and reliability. His approach to asset life cycle management is one that develops a framework for continuous improvement based on the business’ objectives for their value added needs. His efforts led to dramatic gains in operating equipment effectiveness (OEE) from as low as 40% to as high as 90% as a result of improved reliability. Richard holds an MBA from Southern Methodist University and is currently working on his PhD dissertation in the field of Operations Management from the University of Texas Arlington.


Commissioning Agents Inc. is an employee-owned company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. We provide technical and consulting services that promote the delivery, reliability and efficiency of equipment, facilities, and production operations. Visit our website at http://www.commissioningagents.com for additional information.



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