New IHIF Cost Savings Program


Dear IHIF Members:

During the due diligence process of life science business development activities, it is necessary to share confidential and proprietary documents with third parties—and the security and integrity of those documents is critical. That is why Indiana Health Industry Forum (IHIF) is now offering its members an affordable cutting edge secure document sharing platform from ShareVault, a leading Virtual Data Room (VDR) provider in the life sciences industry. Not only is ShareVault competitively priced so that even small life science companies can afford and benefit from its technology, but through the substantial discounts and complimentary extra features offered through the IHIF program with ShareVault, its VDR products are even more affordable. This savings program with ShareVault is the result of the partnership that IHIF has with the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), the international trade association for the biotechnology industry. BIO has recently established a program with ShareVault on behalf of BIO member companies as well as of members of IHIF and other state and regional biotech associations nationwide.

Member companies of IHIF can realize the benefits from ShareVault’s products and services through this program, which include:
– Minimum 20% discount on ShareVault’s products (excluding ShareVault Basic).
– Minimum 30% savings off the standard pricing of ShareVault for SharePoint.
– At least 5% additional discount on subscriptions with terms of two or more years.
– eCTD tag structure available at no cost.
– Creation of document index available at no cost.
– Migration services from existing VDRs at no cost.
– Assistance with high-performance uploads at no cost.

As a member of IHIF, your company is eligible to take advantage of this ShareVault program for no additional cost, as the program is offered as a benefit of IHIF membership.

For more information about the program visit or contact ShareVault directly at 800-380-7652 or at And remember that IHIF offers many other cost-savings programs, which can be found at


Kristin Jones
President & CEO


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