Indiana Health Industry Forum (IHIF) Builds MOMENTUM

Issues Call for Local Life Science Mentors  

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Press contact: Kristin Jones, IHIF

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INDIANAPOLIS (May 12, 2014) – The Indiana Health Industry Forum (IHIF), the state’s trade association for companies in the health science sector, has announced MOMENTUM Mentor Networks, a three-part program intended to better tie large industry, the state’s life science research community, and our health science entrepreneurs together.

With overall goals of encouraging earlier interaction between industry and university investigators, providing earlier feedback on ideas and company development, and encouraging later stage entrepreneurial growth and development, the program fills a well-known gap. “The lack of mentorship opportunities was clearly noted in the focus groups and interviews conducted for the development of our Statewide Strategic Plan for Indiana’s Health Science Sector”, said IHIF President and CEO, Kristin Jones. “We have been working for some time now to develop a comprehensive program to better connect entrepreneurs and industry members. With Team Mentoring, the first of the three programs we’ll be offering, our goal is to build a network of Indiana companies that are better prepared and qualified to meet the challenges of a more competitive funding environment by tapping into the collective expertise of a group of A-list individuals with broad experience and deep personal business networks. We believe that such a program will provide Indiana with an important competitive advantage in the life sciences”.

The Team Mentorship Program is a dedicated 10-week program cycle for mentee companies, during which they will develop a company presentation and one-page summary suitable for use in presenting to potential investors. IHIF is opening enrollment for people interested in serving as part of a team of mentors to entrepreneurial companies.

According to Rose Mary Hontz, IHIF MOMENTUM Program Manager, mentors should be motivated by several factors:

  • Be interested in new ideas.
  • Motivated to give back.
  • Looking for opportunities to network.
  • Willing to build relationships with up and coming entrepreneurs and other mentors.
  • Be eager to access the region’s most exciting opportunities

“Mentors may apply directly to IHIF or be referred to the program and will need to complete a short application form. We’ll meet individually with prospective mentors to screen the applicants and provide information about mentor responsibilities and rules of conduct”, said Hontz.  “Our Mentors will have an “A-list” reputation and selected Mentors will be recognized on the IHIF website”.

IHIF is particularly seeking mentors with expertise in several categories, including: legal, financial, regulatory affairs, past entrepreneurship, marketing, and other related business advisory roles. For more information on MOMENTUM and the Team Mentorship program, please visit

The program announcement was made as part of the IHIF’s 2014 Annual Meeting, celebrating the organization’s 20th anniversary. Formed in 1994, IHIF was among the first organizations dedicated to building the state’s health and life science business community. Membership currently stands at over 118 businesses and organizations and is comprised of companies ranging from large industry to entrepreneurs across several sectors including: healthcare, medical device, pharma/biotech, digital health, education, and support services.


About IHIF

The diverse members of the Indiana Health Industry Forum generate the collective voice of the state’s health and life science industry. The Forum connects key stakeholders to enhance business networks, advocate for member interests, develop workforce skills, and provide strategic vision in the interest of growing the state’s health industry economy and reputation. IHIF is the Indiana affiliate of the Biotechnology Industry Organization. To learn more, please visit


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