September Life Science Lunch: Communications Strategy

Managing a Communications Strategy: Getting the Right Message to the Right Audience

Presented by:

The Indiana Health Industry Forum and

Barnes & Thornburg LLP

September 17, 2013

Have you ever explained your life’s work to someone and had them look at you like you have three heads?  Ever try to condense that Big Idea into one descriptive paragraph?  Any frustration when investors, “just don’t seem to get it”?  Different audiences need different approaches and how you communicate with each one requires adaptation and careful consideration to help you get your message across, effectively.  Please join us for this month’s luncheon program as we learn more about how it’s not just what you say but how you say it, that counts.

We regret that video for this program is no longer available

Eric Anderson
Director of Communication Strategies
Scientifically Speaking, LLC

Aleta Hodge
Founder and CEO
Ash Consulting, LLC

Katherine Coble
Senior Vice President

Moderated by:
Todd G. Vare
Partner, Intellectual Property
Barnes & Thornburg LLP

About the Life Science Lunch Series

The Indiana Health Industry Forum and Barnes & Thornburg LLP partner to present a monthly seminar series on critical issues in life science. Each month, at lunch, a policymaker or a panel in the field of life science will be available to answer questions concerning the major challenges and opportunities in the life science industry. We hope you will join us.

There is no charge to attend, but please register so we know how many lunches to order. Please see registration page for details. Some of the discussion questions will be submitted to the speakers in advance.

For more information on upcoming programs, please click here


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