Ex-Im Bank Country Coverage Update – effective August 30, 2013

Please be advised that the Country Limitation Schedule (CLS) as published by the Export-Import Bank of the U.S. (“Ex-Im Bank”) has been updated and will be effective August 30, 2013.

Once published, the new CLS may be accessed on-line at:  http://www.exim.gov/tools/countrylimitationschedule/index.cfm.

To see the specific changes to the CLS, click here.

  • Policy-level Country Coverage updates include:  Maldives and Rwanda 
  • Note-level changes for 16 countries (including no new applications Note #12 for Cyprus)
  • Text change amending CLS Note #2 for China

The CLS indicates where Ex-Im Bank is “open for cover” and where Ex-Im Bank is “off-cover.”  The “open for cover” designation refers to the possibility, rather than the certainty, of Ex-Im Bank support in particular cases.  Where the CLS presents an “X,” Ex-Im Bank is “off-cover” and is therefore not willing to consider approval of routine transactions.  These “off-cover” determinations are due to economic and/or political risks associated with the country.

Information provided courtesy of Trade Acceptance Group, Ltd.  Trade Acceptance Group is a specialty financial services company founded by seasoned international banking professionals to provide innovative trade finance solutions.

For more information, please contact:

Ursula Wegrzynowicz  

ursula@tradeacceptance.com| 847-268-3611


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