Ivy Tech Fall Life Science Classes Now Available

Ivy Tech Corporate College just released its fall catalog. Two courses may be of particular interest to companies and individuals in the life science sector.

Regulatory Affairs Overview

This 9-contact hour course will provide an overview of the laws and regulations that govern the life sciences industry. This course will provide a brief introduction to the regulatory environment for employees in the biosciences sector who do not work in the Regulatory department of your company. The course is scheduled to run on 3 Wednesday afternoons in September.

Biomanufacturing Overview. This 9-contact hour course is intended to provide an overview of the biotechnology industry. This course is designed for more of a general audience, such as your friends and neighbors who may be curious about the industry and who might wonder if a career in it is right for them. This course is scheduled to run on 3 Thursday evenings in October.


These courses are listed on page 6 of the catalog, which you can click here to download. There is a registration form in the front of each catalog or you can register at www.ivytech.edu/bloomington/corporate-college.


Please contact Clint Merkel, Director, Indiana Center for Life Sciences, Ivy Tech Bloomington  or call 812-330-6065 if you have any questions.





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