NIH Resources for Small Businesses

The National Cancer Institute Small Business Innovation Research (NCI SBIR) Development Center is committed to assisting small businesses to advance the development of technologies to support the prevention, research, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. See below for information about free NIH resources beyond funding to support your work. To learn more about other resources, please visit our website’s Resources section or feel free to contact us at


NCATS Therapeutics for Rare and Neglected Disease (TRND) Program

The National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) is pleased to announce an open opportunity to submit proposals to collaborate with the Therapeutics for Rare and Neglected Diseases (TRND) program.

The TRND program supports preclinical and early clinical development of new drugs for rare and neglected tropical diseases by establishing collaborative partnerships with external researchers. Intended candidates for collaboration will be researchers who have promising leads and disease/target knowledge, but who lack the expertise or resources to fully develop these projects into clinical stage programs attractive to biopharmaceutical or other suitable organizations. TRND seeks to partner with academic laboratories, not-for-profit organizations, and for-profit companies. Foreign organizations are eligible to apply. TRND provides significant in-kind research support, but no direct external funding is available.

Interested applicants may visit TRND on the web to learn more about the program, and can refer to the current NIH Guide Notice for more information. Interested applicants must contact the TRND Solicitation Coordinator by email ( to initiate a pre-screening / Letter of Intent (LOI) process. Applications are made through the online proposal system, proposalCENTRAL (

LOIs must be completed no later than September 16, 2013. Final applications are due by September 30, 2013.

NCI PREVENT Cancer Program
The NCI PREVENT Cancer Program provides resources to move novel cancer-preventive chemical or biological agents and biomarkers towards clinical testing. Through a partnership with NCI, promising chemopreventive agents will be optimized and tested with the goals of filing an Investigational New Drug application with the U.S. FDA and entering the agent into clinical testing. Click here to learn more. The next deadline to apply is October 7, 2013.

NCI NExT Program
The NCI Experimental Therapeutics (NExT) Program consolidates NCI’s anticancer drug discovery and development resources in support of a goal-driven therapeutics pipeline. NCI partners with researchers from industry or academia to facilitate the milestone-driven progression of new anticancer drugs and imaging agents towards clinical evaluation and registration. Click here to learn more. The next deadline to apply is October 15, 2013.

The NCI Clinical Assay Development Program (CADP) provides resources for clinical assay validation to assist with the development of assays that may predict therapy response or prognostic behavior of a diagnosed cancer, primarily for use in clinical trials. Click here to learn more. The next deadline to apply is October 15, 2013.


Please visit to learn more about the NCI SBIR & STTR Programs.

The SBIR & STTR Programs are NCI’s engine of innovation for developing and commercializing novel technologies and products to prevent, diagnose, and treat cancer. The SBIR & STTR Programs are government set-aside programs for domestic small businesses to engage in research and development that has the potential for commercialization and public benefit.

Sign up to receive updates about SBIR & STTR funding opportunities at


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