Met at BIO 2013 – BioSurplus*

Well, our annual member survey has gone out and despite repeated attempts to tell everybody about the great discount programs and services offered to IHIF Members through our affiliation with the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), it appears that message is falling on deaf ears.  Sooo…this seemed like a great chance to talk a bit more about the program and about some of the really great services that are available to you (and no, you don’t have to be a biotech company to use these!).

For the past several years now, the BIO convention has dedicated floor space to special “zones” highlighting a variety of service areas.  This year the BIO Business Services Zone had the full compliment of service providers and I spent a great deal of time talking with the vendors we use, interviewing potential new providers, and learning more about the relationships these folks have with Indiana’s life science business community.

I spent a long time with the BioSurplus team and I will admit up-front to winning their prize at the end-of-show raffle, which was a happy coincidence.  But I think this offering is frequently overlooked and overshadowed by other vendors in the BIO program.  The value is there and the services can mean dollars (a lot of them!) in your pocket.  So here’s their spiel:

Whether you need to buy lab equipment, auction or sell surplus assets, make repairs to existing instruments or manage your equipment inventory, BioSurplus is here to help.

Need to buy used lab equipment? – BioSurplus maintains an inventory of over 4,000 high quality used lab instruments from some of the best manufacturers in the business.  You can view our online catablog at as well as visit one of our three physical showrooms, located in San Diego, the San Francisco Bay area and Boston.

Need to sell used lab equipment? – BioSurplus offers flexible tailored solutions for liquidating your surplus assets.  These include outright purchase, consignment, and online auction.

Need to repair your lab equipment? – BioSurplus’ team of experienced engineers is on call and ready to help.  We service a variety of equipment including centrifuges, CO2 incubators, HPLC, FPLC, and more.

Need to auction your surplus lab equipment? – BioSurplus has the answer.  We’ve managed auctions for a client list that includes Biogen Idec, Elan Pharmaceuticals, the Neurosciences Institute, and more. Our team will manage the entire auction process from beginning to end, allowing you to free up resources and maximize your ROI.

Need to manage your labe equipment inventory?  e-Quip™ is BioSurplus’ easy-to-use, cloud-based inventory management software.  It’s specially designed to track inventories, schedule service and repair activities and manage asset relocations and dispositions.

Now that’s just what they offer to everybody.  If you are a member of IHIF (or BIO) you get some extras:

  • 5% – 7% annual purchase credit or 1% – 3.5% annual cash rebate, based on the net price of purchased equipment during the previous year
  • 5% seller premium on equipment sold to or through BioSurplus
  • 10% discount on the setup, inventory cataloguing and entry fees on the e-Quip™ inventory maintenance tracking software
  • 5% discount on equipment repair and maintenance services
  • 30-day limited warranty on most purchased equipment
  • Experienced customer service representatives offering knowledgeable and reliable service

I’m just guessing they offer that last one to everybody too.  For more information on BioSurplus and on this and the other great discounts offered through the BIO Business Solutions Program, please visit   We have a lot more vendors to profile and some new relationships coming soon.  Also, if you have a suggestion for a service you would like to see offered, please drop me a note at

*This post is intended as an informational service and resource for IHIF members and members of the life science business community in Indiana.


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