Interplex Sunbelt Introduces Family of IDC Terminals

Interplex Sunbelt, a world-class supplier of precision components and a division of Interplex Industries, has introduced a new family of IDC (Insulation Displacement Connector) terminals, designed to support high-power and harsh environmental applications.


Interplex’s new IDC terminals cover a wide range of wire diameters, from 0.050mm (23AWG) up to 1.20mm (17 AWG). They feature an integrated heavy-duty wire insulation stripper that exposes a large surface area of raw wire and allows a separate high normal force beam to have full surface contact creating a low contact resistance electrical interface.


The terminals are made from a highly conductive, spring-based alloy to support high-power applications like motors, transformers, generators and pumpsand are rated for applications up to 150 °C.


“At Interplex, we continue to leverage our design and manufacturing expertise to solve customer problems,” said Joe Lynch, Interplex Industries’ Director of Advanced Product Engineering. “With our new line of IDC terminals with flexible tooling, customers can create a variety of application interfaces, like blades, sockets, jumpers as well as solder free options such as Interplex’s ‘eye-of-the-needle’ press fit interface.”


Free demonstration modules and samples of the IDC terminals are available to support design validations and testing. Parts can be provided in loose piece or on a reel in continuous format to facilitate automation. Custom quick-turn prototypes can be made for applications as needed.

Click here for more info


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