DTRA Funding Opportunities- Just Issued and Rapidly Approaching!

The FreeMind Group is a BIO Business Solutions Program Member:


The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) has just issued a very exciting opportunity covering a vast array of topics (see below) . The March 20th deadline is rapidly approaching, so start drafting your application today!

The FreeMind Group has extensive experience in assisting clients in completing and winning such complex and competitive proposals. Through our methodical and proven professional process we will guide your efforts through to submission and subsequent award.

To schedule a call with a representative from FreeMind please contact Carla Klein at:

(617) 648-0340, carla@freemindconsultants.com



HDTRA1-14-CHEM-BIO-BAA, Chemical Biological Technologies Department BAA Synopsis/Solicitation FY2014 – FY2016 Program Build

  • Important deadlines:

March 20, 2013: Phase I proposal receipt deadline (Quad chart/white paper).

April 2, 2013: Phase II proposal receipt invited.

May 14, 2013: Phase II receipt deadline.

June 11, 2013: Notification of selection/non-selection.

January 14, 2014: Estimated first award date.

  • Funding: May request project period of up to 5 years with a budget appropriate for the science proposed.
  • Scope: The Chemical / Biological Technologies Department (CB), in its continuing mission, seeking new and innovative ideas for experimental and theoretical development of technologies to fill DoD requirements for chemical and biological defense.

The goal is to identify and select science and technology projects that can be transitioned to joint acquisition programs in the following topics:


  • Single Cell Biomarker Expression Methods/Analysis
  • Host-Based Biomarker/Assay Development
  • Bioagent Infection of In Vitro Organ Models to Develop Companion Diagnostics
  • Next-generation analytic capabilities for BSV
  • Alternate Manufacturing Processes for Recombinant Human Butyrylcholinesterase
  • Pretreatments for Chemical Nerve Agent Exposure
  • Centrally Active Nerve Agent Treatment Systems (CANATs)
  • Enabling Science: Novel Threat Research
  • Predictive Toxicology Tools for Enabling Rapid Countermeasure Development
  • Resuspension Factors and Atmospheric Persistence of CB Particulate and Aerosol Threats
  • Methods for Rapid Prediction of Agent-Substrate Interactions Including Correlation of Chemical or Biological Agent Physical Properties to Determine Underlying Mechanisms
  • Novel vaccines directed against Burkholderia pseudomallei and Burkholderia mallei
  • Vaccine Candidates for Type A Francisella tularensis
  • Vaccine Candidates for Q Fever
  • Antibody-based Prophylactic Protection against Viral Pathogens
  • Drug Discovery and Development of Therapeutics for Encephalitic Alphavirus Infections
  • Antimicrobial Development for Burkholderia pseudomallei and Multi-Drug Resistant (MDR) Strains of Bacillus Anthracis, YersiniaPestis, and Francisella Tularensis
  • CB Mobile Sensing Technology Demonstration
  • Additive Manufacturing Fabrication of Mobile Chem/Bio Sensing Platforms
  • Additive Manufacturing Replenishment of Expendable Chem/Bio Sensors
  • Enable rapid and active mitigation of the threat of bulk chemical weapon material, in the field




HDTRA1-11-16-RDIS, R&D Innovation and Systems Engineering Office Science and Technology New Initiatives – Broad agency announcement

  • Upcoming deadline: Open solicitation which consists of two phases; pre-application followed by an invitation to submit a full application. For the pre-application there is an ongoing deadline.
  • Funding: No cap on the budget. May request a project period of up to 5 years with a budget appropriate for the science proposed.
  • Scope: The directorates and offices within DTRA’s Research and Development (R&D) Enterprise identify, conduct, and deliver innovative science and technology that enable America to combat Weapons of Mass Destruction, all of which are tied to the Strategic Goals and Objectives. Specific capabilities sought in this BAA are in the technology areas of Chemical/Biological, Counter WMD, Radiation/Nuclear, Reachback and Decision Support and Treaty Verification/Compliance.


To schedule a call with a representative from FreeMind please contact Carla Klein at:

(617) 648-0340, carla@freemindconsultants.com


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