IHIF Sponsors iGEM Team – Search Still on For Additional Sponsors

The Indiana Health Industry Forum is pleased to announce that it has become a $500 sponsor of an Indiana high school team competing in the International Genetically Engineered Machine Foundation (iGEM) competition around synthetic biology.
The student team is from the McKenzie Center for Innovation and Technology in Indianapolis.  The students are, “focusing this year on an early detection method for skin cancer.  We are working to design a bacterial salve that could be spread on potential areas of abnormal cell growth.  The bacteria would detect the abnormal growth and fluoresce to indicate the need for more comprehensive testing.  The iGEM students want to create an inexpensive, easy to use early detection system to help those with limited or no access to preventative medical care”.
The students are seeking a $1,000 corporate sponsor or
two $500 sponsors. Deadline is Friday, December 21.

For more about iGEM, please visit http://igem.org/About
To become a sponsor or for more information, please contact:

Carletta Sullivan, Community Liaison

McKenzie Center for Innovation & Technology

7250 E. 75th Street

Indianapolis, IN  46256




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