Indiana Health Industry Forum Releases Statewide Strategic Plan

INDIANAPOLIS (May 8, 2012) – The Indiana Health Industry Forum (IHIF), a not-for-profit organization representing Indiana’s health science business community, today released a “Statewide Strategic Plan for Indiana’s Health Science Sector: 2012-2017”.  “We are very pleased to present the results of several months of research and consultation with industry leaders”, said IHIF president, Kristin Jones.  “This plan articulates the needs and interests of our health science business community and puts us on the path to addressing those challenges together”.

Released in conjunction with IHIF’s annual meeting, the plan provides recommendations around several key areas: capital formation, research and technology commercialization, business climate, workforce and education, and public policy.  According to Dr. Joerg Schrieber, Chairman of the IHIF Board of Directors, “what we have learned through this process is that there is great consensus among members of the industry as to what challenges we face.  We also know that these challenges are not unique to Indiana and that other states and regions are taking the initiative to address the gaps.  We can learn a lot from our friends and neighbors that can be applied here, to fit our culture and structure”.

The report offers thirteen recommendations which are accompanied by specific action steps.  While the Indiana Health Industry Forum will oversee the execution of the plan, there is continued reliance on industry members, other related organizations, and the plan’s committees to move the agenda ahead.  “Benchmark reports will be issued every six months in order to keep everyone informed and apprised of progress,” said Jones.

The IHIF 2012 Annual Meeting also features a panel discussion on “Supporting Innovative Economies” and keynote speakers, Fritz Bittenbender, Vice President, Alliance Development and State Government Relations for the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) and Matthew Hudes, U.S. Managing Principal, Biotechnology, for Deloitte, who will be presenting industry outlooks and discussing programs and approaches to building and supporting industry clusters.  The meeting concludes with a look ahead at national policy issues facing the medical device, pharma/biotech, and healthcare delivery sectors.

The “Statewide Strategic Plan for Indiana’s Health Science Sector: 2012-2017”, is sponsored by Barnes & Thornburg, LLP, Duke Energy, Commissioning Agents, Inc., and Develop Indy/16 Tech, a downtown Indianapolis technology park. For more information on the Statewide Strategic Plan and IHIF’s 2012 Annual meeting, please visit

About IHIF

The diverse members of the Indiana Health Industry Forum generate the collective voice of the state’s health and life science industry. The Forum connects key stakeholders to enhance business networks, advocate for member interests, develop workforce skills, and provide strategic vision in the interest of growing the state’s health industry economy and reputation. IHIF is the Indiana affiliate of the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO). To learn more, please visit or contact IHIF at 317.278.9970.


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