Project Lead the Way: McKenzie Biomedical Sciences Senior Showcase

You Are Invited

to the

McKenzie Biomedical Sciences Senior Showcase

May 2, 2012

6:00 – 7:00 pm

at the

McKenzie Center for Innovation and Technology

7250 E. 75th Street

Indianapolis, IN  46256


Please come meet our seniors, hear about their independent research, and help honor them for completing all four years of the biomedical sciences program!

Research projects include:


  • Impact of stress on memory
  • Handedness vs. vision
  • Concussions and achievement
  • Breakfast nutrition and achievement
  • Impact of stress & poverty on achievement
  • Response to violent video games
  • Student creativity over time
  • Impact of sleep on muscle development
  • Body weight and sinusitis
  • Taste buds vs. smell
  • Multitasking by musicians vs. video gamers
  • Depth perception and basketball skill

For more information, please contact Carletta Sullivan, Community Liaison, PLTW – 317/964-8006 or e-mail


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