Indianapolis, IN, March 6, 2012 — Today Prosolia and the Estate of the late Prof. John B. Fenn announced an exclusive license agreement providing Prosolia with new sample introduction and ionization technology using a porous “wick” for mass spectrometry and ion mobility systems. The 2002 Nobel Prize winner, Prof. Fenn, developed this new technology. Prof Fenn revolutionized mass spectrometry in the mid-1980s with electrospray ionization (ESI), which catalyzed explosive growth in the mass spectrometry market over the last two decades.


“Prosolia’s growing patent portfolio is strong and is a critical element to our business strategy,” said Justin Wiseman, President and CEO of Prosolia. “Our agreement with the Fenn Estate strengthens our core and will enable us to continue to provide novel solutions to our customers in both the research and applied markets. The Fenn technology greatly simplifies analytical workflows for sample introduction into mass spectrometers and ion mobility systems, and opens up less penetrated markets in environmental, security, medical, and food chemistry. We foresee several new product innovations from the Fenn technology, which we plan to commercialize in the near future.”


Prosolia is a scientific instrument company developing and marketing novel research tools for research scientists and technicians at academic, government, pharmaceutical, clinical, and forensics research laboratories. The company’s flagship product is based on the Desorption Electrospray Ionization (DESI) technology. DESI enables rapid spot sampling and imaging of surfaces under ambient conditions using mass spectrometry. Prosolia’s current products retrofit onto instruments produced by the major instrument companies, including AB Sceix, Agilent, Bruker, LECO Corp, Thermo Scientific, and Waters.



Justin Wiseman



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