Indiana Medical Device Manufacturers Council (IMDMC) and the Indiana Health Industry Forum (IHIF) host Life Sciences Day at State House

For Immediate Release February 16, 2012

INDIANAPOLIS, IN-The Indiana Medical Device Manufacturers Council and the Indiana Health Industry Forum hosted the first Life Sciences Day at the Indiana State House today.  The event provided a forum for representatives from Indiana life sciences companies to meet with state legislators, and to exhibit medical technology produced in Indiana.

The day began at the Hilton Hotel, with presentations from State Representative Tim Brown, M.D., Senate President Pro Tempore David Long, Representative Peggy Welch and Cris Johnston, Deputy Chief of Staff for Governor Daniels.  Following the session at the Hilton, attendees headed to the Capitol rotunda, where legislators and their staff had the opportunity to view displays of medical technology manufactured in Indiana and to speak with representatives of the companies.

“The purpose of today’s event was to highlight the importance of the life sciences in Indiana, and to the patients our products help treat,” said Chris Cerone, President of IMDMC.  “The medical device industry employs nearly 20,000 Hoosiers, and indirectly supports another 30,000 jobs.  We are grateful for the support of our state legislators and the Governor.  Their leadership has helped make Indiana a world leader in medical technology.  We are the third largest state in medical device exports, and fifth in medical device jobs per capita. All Hoosiers can be proud of the contributions our companies make to improving the health of patients throughout the world, and to our state’s economy.”

“We are proud to have co-sponsored this event, and grateful for all who attended,” said Kristin Jones, President and CEO of IHIF.  “The life sciences industry, with the support of our state government, creates jobs and innovative technologies that improve patients’ health and quality of life.  Indiana life sciences companies have been, and will continue to be, at the forefront of devising solutions that reduce the cost of healthcare while enhancing the quality of patient care.”

About the IHIF

The mission of the Indiana Health Industry Forum is to create an environment where Indiana is a premier location for the creation and growth of health industry enterprises.

The diverse members of the Indiana Health Industry Forum generate the collective voice of the state’s health and life science industry.  The Forum connects key stakeholders to: enhance business networks, advocate for member interests, develop workforce skills, and provide strategic vision in the interest of growing the state’s health industry economy and reputation.

Contact: Kristin Jones, President and CEO, at 317-278-9973 or

About the IMDMC

The Indiana Medical Device Manufacturers Council (IMDMC) serves to represent the interests of its member companies in the delivery of innovative, life-changing technologies to patients.  By uniting Indiana medical device manufacturers, large and small, IMDMC serves to amplify the voices and convey the interests of these innovative companies before state and federal legislatures and regulatory agencies.

IMDMC advocates on behalf of its members for policies that

  • Promote the pursuit of excellence in the development and delivery ofmedical technologies that save or enhance lives or reduce disability.
  • Improve patient access to these technologies.
  • Promote members’ ability to be successful, and thereby expand their ability to deliver benefits to patients, healthcare providers, employees, shareholders, and the local communities in which they do business.
  • Advocate for regulatory, payment, tax and liability policies that will foster an environment in which innovation can flourish.

IMDMC is dedicated to providing ongoing training and education to help equip its members to adapt to the changing environment in which they operate.  Through the relationships it develops, its recognized expertise, and its passionate advocacy, IMDMC serves to increase public awareness of the economic and health benefits the Indiana medical device industry delivers throughout the world.

Contact: Blake Jeffery, IMDMC Director, at 317-951-1388 or


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