2012 BioGENEius Challenge – Apply Now

Applications are now being accepted for the 2012 International BioGENEius Challenge, the premier biotechnology high school research competition!

What is the BioGENEius Challenge?

The BioGENEius Challenge is the most prestigious high school (Grades 9 to 12) science competition in the world for original research in biotechnology. Each student conducts an individual research project and is currently enrolled in biology or science-related courses in any public, private or home school within the United States.

How can I become a winner?

First, you must apply to the appropriate At-Large or Local BioGENEius Challenge. After applying for the appropriate BioGENEius Challenge you may be selected to compete and/or present at the Local BioGENEius Challenge provided in your area. Up to 2 students are selected from each Local BioGENEius Challenge and 15 students from the At-Large Challenge. The selected winners of both the Local and At-Large BioGENEius Challenges will present their research poster and oral presentations at the U.S. National BioGENEius Challenge, which will be held in June 17, 2012 in Boston, Massachusetts

For specific details and information regarding the BioGENEius Challenge please visit www.biotechinstitute.org/node/1447.

At Large BioGENEius Challenge    

The At-Large BioGENEius is a competition available to students who are not in areas from which the local competitions draw.  These students will apply directly to the Biotechnology Institute through the online application process. The Biotechnology Institute will host a virtual competition in which a panel of judges will convene and review each completed research project submission.  The judges will then select 15 student delegates.  The selected 15 students will join the winners of each Local BioGENEius Challenge(s) to present their research poster and oral presentations and advance to the U.S. National BioGENEius Challenge. The U.S. National BioGENEius Challenge will be held June 17, 2012 in Boston, MA.


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