Statewide Strategic Plan: Initial Recommendations Rolling In

A big “Thank You” to everyone who has already responded to the statewide strategic plan assessment survey! Your thoughts and recommendations are of great help and value as we begin to articulate the health industry’s needs and interests.

Some interesting trends are already evident from the data; globalization is by far perceived as the issue with the most prevalent past and future impact on the industry. This was also the case when we conducted the 2008 focus groups that were part of our asset mapping project. Correlating to that, we are also seeing recommendations that there be a more concentrated effort to help Indiana companies access global markets and build stronger domestic supply chains.

Rural healthcare delivery is a broad theme that has come up a few times too. Respondents are concerned about how changing reimbursement rates and other imposed requirements may affect rural hospitals.  There is also a great deal of interest in advancing telemedicine applications and supporting the use of other tools specifically designed to help rural patient populations have better access to healthcare.

If you have thoughts to share on these issues or have suggestions for other areas, please let us know.  You can always submit recommendations to us directly by sending an e-mail to:  If you would like to be part of the discussion around these issues, please consider volunteering for a committee or focus group.



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