Forum Seeks Public Input for Statewide Strategic Plan

INDIANAPOLIS (September 19, 2011) – The Indiana Health Industry Forum (IHIF) is seeking public input for the development of a 5-year statewide strategic plan for Indiana’s health science industry sector. IHIF has opened a dedicated website including background information and access to an on-line survey to solicit comments on the past and present direction of the sector’s growth. The website ( will be open through the end of January 2012, when committees will begin to develop a final set of recommendations.

IHIF was created in 1994 to be a convening organization for the health science industry around topics of common concern and interest. IHIF is able to quickly leverage the power of its statewide membership and volunteer networks to quickly gather and assess data. “We have done our best to insure that everyone has an opportunity to share their thoughts and contribute to this process, regardless of location or organization size”, says Kristin Jones, President and CEO of IHIF. “The time has come for us to look ahead at how we can continue to support the growth of the health science sector and we need members of the industry to tell us what would best help them.”

Indiana’s last statewide strategic plan for the sector was put together in 1999 and was a joint effort between IHIF and the Battelle Memorial Institute. That plan led to the creation of several new funding mechanisms to support the industry and helped to spin-out the initiative that later became BioCrossroads. The new plan serves as the third and final phase of a statewide asset mapping and strategic planning initiative being conducted by IHIF.

IHIF is seeking grant and sponsorship support to complete the project. Additional information for sponsors is available on the plan website. Please visit

About IHIF
The diverse members of the Indiana Health Industry Forum generate the collective voice of the state’s health science industry. The Forum connects key stakeholders to enhance business networks, advocate for member interests, develop workforce skills and provide strategic vision in the interest of growing the state’s health industry economy and reputation. IHIF is the Indiana affiliate of the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO). To learn more, please visit or contact IHIF at (317)278-9970.


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