Details of a Detailed Budget

FreeMind Group is pleased to invite you to our 8th webinar in a series of summer educational webinars focusing on how to accurately construct your budget while adhering to NIH guidelines

Ayal Ronen, Senior Director, Marketing & Sales, FreeMind Group

Putting together a budget for your grant submission is typically the last item to be addressed during the writing process. Reason being that the figures you are suggesting must reflect the work you are proposing to complete. That said, simply stating the cost per item is hardly enough, and a properly constructed justification is mandatory and weighs heavily on approval of your budget. When comprising the budget one must ensure an accurate completion of the document while adhering to NIH guidelines and stipulations. Items such as indirect costs, sub-contractors, sub-awards, salaries, and even travel expenses must be completed correctly. This becomes increasingly difficult when large and complex applications have several budgets feeding into one.
In this webinar we will discuss:

  •   Budget: Know the limits
  •   Direct vs. Indirect
  •  Facilities & Administration rate
  •   Modular or detailed: which to use?
  •   Allowable costs
  •   Final tips

Tuesday, August 23rd at 1:00-1:30 PM EDT

The webinar is designed for experienced companies and researches from the academia, as well as for first-time submitters who wish to increase their chances for award, as well as the total amount of funding awarded.
The webinar is FREE of charge. To register, please contact Hannah Rosencweig at (617) 648-0340, ext. 220, or at

FreeMind is a consultancy firm that specializes in raising funds from government agencies and other non-dilutive sources through grants and contracts. Over the past decade we have helped hundreds of companies and academic institutions to secure government funding, mainly from the NIH and DOD. The enhanced joint process of our 25 full-time analysts and writers supports our clients’ needs, from the strategic assessment of the research objectives to writing the applications.



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