Non-Dilutive Funding for Industry-Academia Partnerships

FreeMind Group is pleased to invite you to FreeMind’s 5th webinar in a series of summer educational webinars.
This Webinar will discuss the importance of Industry-Academia Research Partnerships and paths to funding through non-dilutive sources

Ayal Ronen, Senior Director, Marketing & Sales, FreeMind Group

Industry-academia partnerships drive the life science market forward and the importance of sustaining and nurturing these relationships is high on the agenda of both industry and academic leaders. Over the past several years we are witnessing a changing direction at the NIH and other government granting agencies aimed at supporting these relationships.

This new direction, according to NIH Director Francis Collins, stems from the realization that the medical benefits of the current revolution in biology clearly cannot be achieved without vigorous and effective translation. This leads to a strong need for collaboration and partnering between the industrial sector and academia, which is also well reflected in the numerous grant programs supporting industry-academia collaborations and partnerships.

In this webinar we will discuss:

Current Partnership Funding Opportunities
Awards, regulations applying, requirements and limitations
Trends in Academic-Industry Collaborations
New Direction at the NIH
The challenges in putting together a complex and large scale application
How to maximize chances for success

Tuesday August 2, 2011
1:00 PM to 1:30 PM EDT

For more information:

Hannah Rosencweig

The webinar is designed for experienced companies and researches from the academia, as well as for first-time submitters who wish to increase their chances for award, as well as the total amount of funding awarded


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