Indiana Biodefense Consortium Targets Bioterrorism Countermeasure Opportunities

– Contracts with Health and Human Services or Department of Defense Would Provide most of the Capital Investment required for New Facilities in Central Indiana.

The Indiana Biodefense Consortium, LLC (IBC) today announced that it will be submitting proposals to the US Government to create Centers of Excellence for Advanced Development and Manufacturing (ADM) of medical countermeasures.

The requests, sponsored by Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Department of Defense (DoD), are being driven by the urgent need to speed development, approval, and flexible deployment of vaccines and drugs for protection of the general population and our armed forces from the potential exposure to harmful chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear materials.

“These Requests for Proposals (RFPs) go beyond anything we have seen in the past” stated Joerg Schreiber PhD, chief executive officer of the IBC. “It’s difficult to imagine that a single entity alone can deliver the range of expertise, processes and agile vaccine or drug production capacity required. However, we are convinced that Indiana, with its long history of excellence in drug development, depth of workforce talent, and leadership in academia, life sciences, advanced manufacturing and logistics, is uniquely positioned to create a consortium that can address the government’s requests and meet the challenge.”

The RFPs express the US Government’s unmet need for a quicker and more flexible medical countermeasures development process. In exchange for immediate access to the ADM’s processes and capacity, both HHS and DoD are offering to provide 50% of the capital investment required for new facilities, and as much as 75% for existing facilities. Contracts are to be awarded early next year, and the facilities are to be constructed, validated, commissioned, and fully operational by March, 2014.

“ADMs must embrace innovation, have a state-of-the-art drug and vaccine commercialization process; a commercially viable underlying business; and, a very flexible and fast turnaround to deploy millions of doses of a variety of drug product in as little as 3-4 months,” Schreiber continued. “The IBC – a public/private partnership incorporating an accomplished group of Indiana’s scientists, engineers, professionals, entrepreneurs and employees, can do the job.”

About the Indiana Biodefense Consortium
The Indiana Biodefense Consortium, LLC is addressing the threat of bioterrorism by developing faster and less expensive drug development, regulatory compliance and manufacturing processes and procedures. Members of the IBC include several of Indiana’s leading Colleges, Universities, Medical Schools, and Life Science Companies. For additional information, please contact Shawn Conway: (317) 590-3382 or

View Dr. Schreiber’s interview with Inside Indiana Business host, Gerry Dick – click here


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