FreeMind Webinar on Upcoming BioDefense and Infectious Disease Awards

There has been a recent, dramatic and unprecedented surge in Biodefense & Infectious Diseases related activities and opportunities from various grant writing institutes (i.e NIAID) and other governmental organizations (i.e. BARDA, DTRA, DARPA). During the months of May, June and July applications will be submitted corresponding to about $500,000,000 in subsequent cumulative awards. The FreeMind Group, a BIO Business Solutions Partner company, has identified over a dozen funding opportunities covering virtually all aspects of infectious diseases in biodefense for the above deadlines, including medical devices, preclinical, and clinical work to name a few. Some awards are not capped, and can exceed even $50,000,000 for Phase II clinical trials.

For a list of upcoming projects, click here.

To register for a free webinar on Monday, March 28th at 1:30 pm, please contact Hannah Rosencweig at or if you wish to schedule an immediate conference call with FreeMind’s Managing Partner, Ram May-Ron


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