IHIF Partner, Diversity Accords, Inc., Announces New Service

Diversity Accords, Inc., a partner with the Indiana Health Industry Forum, recently    announced the launch of DA Verifier, a new service directed towards larger companies in the medical and life science sector.

With DA Verifier, Diversity Accords provides supplier verification services for healthcare companies who want to update, clean or “scrub” their diversity supplier data on an ongoing basis. “Given that certifications expire, companies are acquired or go out of business, products become obsolete, ownership changes, or the quality of service becomes an issue, updated information on suppliers is a primary factor when making decisions regarding diversity spends,” says Diversity Accords CEO Eric Marr. DA Verifier allows for automated updates via a secure online tool, resulting in reports and summaries for healthcare companies and distinction for the supplier. Diversity Accords updates the supplier data twice a year, ensuring that DA Net Members and participating healthcare company suppliers have the highest quality and most updated data available for review and consideration. Large healthcare companies access DA Verifier via a dashboard application that resides on their desktop and provides compliance reports, certification expirations / reminder notices and easy access to a full inventory of diverse suppliers, either via DA Net or their own internal supplier population.

Diversity Accords also runs DA Net, a procurement network that large healthcare companies access for sourcing new diversity owned and operated suppliers in the following healthcare segments: Hospital, Pharmaceutical, Home Health, Medical Device, Biotech, CRO, Healthcare IT, Distribution & Logistics, as well as others. DA Net provides an environment for suppliers to profile their company and associated products and capabilities. Because suppliers are required to include specific information and data as part of the registration process, DA Net offers another level of authentication resulting in quality data.

IHIF Members are eligible for a discount on associated DA Net membership fees. Diversity Accords has also created a model that is free in many cases for large healthcare organizations.

For more information on DA Verifier and DA Net, please visit www.diversityaccords.com or contact Diversity Accords directly at info@diversityaccords.com For more information on these and other benefits available to IHIF Member companies, please visit www.ihif.org/pages/about_ihif


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