IHIF Announces Two New Member Benefits for Human Resource Directors

The Indiana Health Industry Forum has added two new programs, with associated member discounts, especially for human resource managers. IHIF has launched a partnership with Career Center to provide on-line postings of available health and life science positions in Indiana. Career Center will manage the content and IHIF will assist in the promotion of the site and awareness among members and the job seeking community. IHIF members will receive a 20% discount off of the associated posting fees. For more information, please visit www.ihif.org or click on Career Center.

IHIF is also announcing a partnership with MedBio Virtual Careers Expo. This series of on-line careers fairs will be held throughout 2011. Virtual events are becoming a new reality in place of physical events as they reduce costs significantly and improve greater efficiencies to improve the bottom line.  Medical recruiters engage in a virtual environment to discuss numerous career opportunities, (from entry level to executive level), engage in networking activities, and showcase their companies to a global audience of thousands of both active and passive medical professionals seeking their next career opportunity. Members of Indiana Health Industry Forum are offered up to a 30% discount off any of the sponsorship packages. Click here for more information, visit http://www.medbiovirtualcareerexpo.com or phone 1-888-716-4784.

Both programs are open and available to non-members (without the associated discount).  For more information on becoming a member of IHIF and a listing of other member benefits, please visit www.ihif.org


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