NIH Moves Towards The Life Science Industry: New Clinical Funding Opportunities

FreeMind Group is pleased to invite you to a special Webinar to present the clinical funding trends in the NIH

Presenter: Joel Knopf, Senior Consultant, FreeMind Group

Clinical funding at the NIH is undergoing a fundamental paradigm shift, with a clear movement towards the life science industry. This shift is exemplified both in the allocation of clinical funding by NIH Institutes, as well as the sweeping increase in solicitations offering funding for clinical trials. This is further demonstrated by several first-in-kind investigator-initiated solicitations by several institutes.

In this webinar we will discuss:

Shifting dynamics of clinical funding at the NIH: Past, Present and Future.
New clinical funding opportunities.
The challenges these complex applications pose and the ways to overcome them
The diverse clinical funding opportunities
The difference between a standard grant application and a clinical one

This webinar is designed for companies and researchers from the Academia at, or entering, the stage of clinical development, who wish to increase their success rates and the total amount of funding awarded.

Wednesday, June 9th at 12:30-1:30PM EDT

The webinar is FREE of charge. To register, please contact Hannah Rosencweig at

(617) 648-0340, ext. 221, or at

FreeMind is a consultancy firm that specializes in raising funds from government agencies and other non-dilutive sources through grants and contracts. Over the past decade we have helped hundreds of companies and academic institutions to secure government funding, mainly from the NIH and DOD. The enhanced joint process of our 25 full-time analysts and writers supports our clients’ needs, from the strategic assessment of the research objectives to writing the applications.


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