10 common misperceptions on the R&D Tax Credit Program – Webinar for IHIF Members

Our market is filled with rumors, assumptions and hopes regarding the R&D Tax Credit Program.

The Life Science R&D Tax Credit is indeed a remarkable opportunity that is expected to entail complex applications. To present our clients with the best combined set of skills FreeMind had partnered with Paradigm Partners the leading national R&D tax credit consulting firm.

FreeMind and Paradigm are proud to invite you to a webinar that will disclose all of the information gathered from discussion with IRS.

·         Who is eligible?

·         Will there be a cap on credits?

·         When is the deadline?

·         Will it be a “first come first served basis”?

·         What expertise is needed to secure the credits?

·         And many other issues will be discussed


Ram May-Ron, Managing Partner – FreeMind Group

Brian Cameron, Executive Vice President – Paradigm Partners

FreeMind Group has partnered with Paradigm Partners, a leading national tax consulting firm, to give you the perfect solution for that challenging opportunity. Paradigm brings an extraordinary track record of over 80% on R&D tax credits, and FMG’s unique scientific expertise and knowledge will complete the package. Joint teams will lead you through the expected audits and verify that you maximize tax credits and grants.

The Webinar will be held on Wednesday, May 12th at 1:00PM EDT and is free of charge

To register or schedule time for a call please contact Casey Levin at casey@freemindconsultants.com (617) 648-0340 ext. 216


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