The NIH SHIFT Webinar  will describe the new NIH SHIFT Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program. The SHIFT Webinar takes place on Thursday, April 29, 2010 from noon to 1:00 pm EDT. The SHIFT Webinar is free but pre-registration is required for access. Please visit the NIH SHIFT Webinar site for more information.

The SHIFT SBIR Award is a win-win opportunity for companies and academic investigators. Companies get research dollars, expertise, and potentially, collaborators and resources. Academic investigators get to try employment at a company as Principal Investigators (PI) on an SBIR grant. Funding limits for the SHIFT Award are higher and awards are longer than for normal SBIR grants. Nine NIH institutes and two centers participate in the SHIFT Program: NIA, NIAAA, NIAMS, NIAID, NICHD, NIDDK, NIDA, NIGMS, NHLBI, NCCAM, and NCRR. Learn more at “Looking to SHIFT Your Career to Business”.

The SHIFT Connector is a pilot Web site to help investigators and businesses connect and apply to the SHIFT SBIR program. The SHIFT Connector hosts:


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