Cerephex Announces New CEO

The Cerephex Corporation (formerly Great Lakes BioSciences) is pleased to announce that Ronald M. Burch, MD PhD, has joined the company and will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Burch will add late-stage clinical development, international regulatory, reimbursement and marketing expertise to ensure successful commercialization of Cerephex’s non-invasive cortical stimulation platform technology, which is in development for the treatment of central pain in fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions. Dr. Burch replaces company founder and current CEO Jeff Hargrove, PhD, who will become the company’s Chief Scientific Officer.

“We are extremely excited that Ron will be leading our company as we commercialize our proprietary treatment approach and medical device therapies for these important indications,” said Dr. Hargrove. “Ron’s outstanding background in central pain, coupled with the strategic and leadership skills he has developed over the course of his career, will be of great value to Cerephex.”

Dr. Burch’s professional career spans over 25 years, including nearly two decades of executive experience in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries with much of it directly focused on the development and commercialization of new therapies for treating chronic central nervous system pain conditions. Among his many career accomplishments, he has served as Chairman of Zeneca Pharmaceuticals’ Global CNS Therapeutics Area Team; founder and CEO of AlgoRx Pharmaceuticals, a company that successfully developed a number of therapeutic agents for pain management; and most recently he was the CEO and Chairman of Biowave Corporation, a medical device company that successfully launched three neurostimulation products to treat chronic, intractable pain and postoperative pain. Dr. Burch also spent a number of years at NIH, performing research involving neuroreceptor regulation with Nobel Laureate Dr. Julius Axelrod. Dr. Burch holds an MD and a PhD in Pharmacology, both from the Medical University of South Carolina, and BS degrees in biochemistry and marine biology from the College of Charleston.

The addition of Ron Burch strengthens Cerephex’s existing management team and follows a series of strategic developments including completion of an 85-patient human subject clinical trial demonstrating lasting efficacy and safety of the company’s technology in the treatment of fibromyalgia pain; and the allowance of the company’s foundational patent on its cortical stimulation signal technology method in December, 2009. Cerephex is currently raising Series A financing to complete regulatory clearance and initial market launch for its first product NeuroPointTM, which is targeted for treatment of fibromyalgia in pain management and rheumatology clinics.

“Cerephex is at an exciting stage in its development as a leader in neurostimulation technology for treating central pain,” commented Ron Burch, CEO of Cerephex. “The clinical trial results provide strong evidence of significant, long-lasting improvement in fibromyalgia symptoms. With completion of the design of the commercial device, Cerephex is well on its way in seeking regulatory clearance to market NeuroPoint. I am excited about the opportunity to lead the outstanding Cerephex team as we seek to become a leader in neurostimulation for treatment of central pain.”


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