MRF Re-Thinks Drug Development – Shouldn’t Everyone?

Welcome to the start of a brand new year! Here at IHIF we are all about new beginnings, new possibilities, and a brand new chance to change business as usual.

If you have been listening to conversations lately, there seems to be a hint of rebellion in the air. With everyone sick of “Healthcare Reform” (no pun intended) it was a refreshing twist to hear Tuesday from Scott Johnson, the president of the Myelin Repair Foundation, an organization that is tackling drug discovery reform head-on. Scott was the speaker at this week’s Life Science Lunch and if you saw the advance notifications for the program, you may have been tempted to think, “oh, this will be about treatments for a specific condition”. For those who attended it quickly became apparent that, yes, MRF is centered on finding therapies and a cure for MS but it is their approach to accellerating the research that leads to those cures that is the focus of their business model. “You couldn’t find a more broken system than the current drug development model,” said Scott. And if you keep expecting the outcomes to change, you’re going to be disappointed. We’ve poured billions more into bringing new drugs to market but the approval rates have remained flat. The Myelin Repair Foundation’s Accelerated Research Collaboration Model™ (ARC™) aims to re-invent the drug discovery process and if successful, will not only lead to therapies for MS but will have developed a model that can be used by other organizations exploring cures for chronic diseases as well. “We don’t know of any other disease organizations with a research plan”, said Scott. MRF is the only non-profit medical research foundation that participates in the entire continuum of drug discovery. By narrowing their focus, targeting their efforts, hiring the best, encuraging constant communication and goal assessment, and working to support researchers through to their goals, MRF is re-writing the book on the time and cost it takes to move discoveries through the pipeline.

About MRF
The Myelin Repair Foundation (MRF), the largest research organization focused exclusively on developing myelin repair treatments for those living with Multiple Sclerosis, has developed a radical new research process designed to speed academic discoveries into commercially viable therapeutic targets and patient treatments. Using the Accelerated Research Collaboration Model™ (ARC™), the foundation has already accelerated discoveries from fifteen to five years with accomplishments including 19 new potential myelin repair drug targets, 24 new research tools for neurological disease research, 18 patentable inventions, and more than 75 articles published in peer-reviewed journals. Since 2004 the MRF has funded more than 40 research projects.



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