Hoosiers Work for Health Announces Jeff Smulyan as Co-Chair

Smulyan Joins Indiana Business Leader Jim Morris in Promoting the Importance of Indiana’s Healthcare Innovation and Research and Development

Indianapolis – Hoosiers Work for Health is pleased to announce Jeff Smulyan, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of Emmis Communications, has been named Co-Chair of the statewide partnership organization.  Smulyan joins Jim Morris, President of Pacers Sports and Entertainment and former Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme, as Chairs of Hoosiers Work for Health.

“Healthcare reform is vital, not just to us as individuals and as members of families, but also to the long-term economic success of our nation,” Smulyan said.  “Here in Indiana, we have made significant investments of private and public dollars to establish a strong and vibrant life sciences sector and any healthcare reform effort needs to recognize that our world leadership in medical innovation and research must continue to be invested in,” said Smulyan. “I am pleased to participate in such a large and diverse group that has the shared interest of providing accessible and affordable healthcare to all our citizens, while protecting our ability to innovate and research cutting edge solutions to major medical problems we face.”

Smulyan replaces former Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson who left Hoosiers Work for Health to become Sr. Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Communications with Eli Lilly and Company.

“I am pleased that Jeff has agreed to take on the leadership of Hoosiers Work for Health, he has been a true business leader in Indiana and understands well the demands of providing healthcare for his many employees and the role the life sciences play in diversifying Indiana’s economy.  He is a natural fit to help communicate the positive changes we need in healthcare reform,” said Peterson.

“On behalf of our more than 50 diverse partners from across the State of Indiana, I welcome Jeff as a co-chair of Hoosiers Work for Health.  It’s appropriate that Jeff is joining us just as the U.S. Senate is beginning the debate over healthcare reform.  There are many very important messages that need to be heard in Washington and Hoosiers Work for Health will help our partners make sure that both our access to high quality and affordable care are protected as well as Indiana’s leadership role in the life sciences economy,”  said Co-Chair Jim Morris.

Hoosiers Work for Health (HW4H), a local chapter of the national organization We Work for Health, is a grassroots initiative focused on bringing various sectors of the health care arena together to demonstrate how these diverse groups are vital to our socioeconomic climate – both local and national. HW4H unites health consumers, biopharmaceutical companies, vendors, suppliers, academic and community partners so that they can speak out on the importance of the biopharmaceutical industry using one voice and one message.


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